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High technology supports organic agriculture

The organic sector is growing, as shown by the data supplied by SINAB (Sistema d'Informazione Nazionale sull'Agricoltura Biologica). From the last annual report, it is clear how the Italian organic sector has skyrocketed with a trend growing constantly both in Italy and abroad. 

The sector's dynamism is most interesting: from being a slightly naive form of return to tradition, organic cultivation now employs the most advanced technologies for safe productions of the highest quality that are sustainable.

This extraordinary combination of innovation and tradition is perfect for the application of the latest agrotextile screens: crop protection against the weather and biological aggression factors such as insects must no longer be tackled with pesticides and other products, especially since these have been proven to damage the environment and human health over the medium-long period.

Arrigoni S.p.A., one of the leading companies manufacturing high-resistance long-lasting fabric for agricultural use, has always believed in the protection opportunities provided by HDPE fabrics and managed to combine technical progress with sustainable agriculture. 

The latest agrotextiles in fact lead to considerably higher productivity while safeguarding the health of plants and consumers. Anti-insect, anti-hail, heat-reflecting and windbreaker screens make this possible while reducing water requirements as well as the need for crop protection products.

Developed after the new environmental wave was first applied to agricultural productions, organic products have been long considered for niche visionary growers and consumers that refused the idea of agriculture using pesticides and chemical products.

Nowadays, the most qualified laboratories are focusing on the improvement of technologies applied to agriculture to guarantee the lowest environmental impact possible and safe productions. The R&D Department at Arrigoni is also at work to develop new materials and production techniques.

For example, the BIORETE range prevents harmful insects from coming into contact with crops, making pesticides useless. In addition, the new AIR PLUS technology lets more air through the fabric: BIORETE AIR PLUS screens are the only ones that make the use of fungicides uneconomic for a wide range of productions such as courgettes, tomatoes, peppers and red fruits.

A further example is PROTECTA 32, an innovative breathable fabric against rain. It protects crops sensitive to rain but, unlike the obsolete and in some cases counterproductive plastic films, it improves the microclimate and reduces the impact of fungal diseases.

Distributed in over 70 countries worldwide, Arrigoni agrotextiles actively contribute to the growth of a mindful sustainable agriculture for the future of our planet.

Arrigoni SpA
Via Monte Prato 3
22029 Uggiate Trevano (CO)
Tel.: (+39) 031803200
Fax: (+39) 031803206

Publication date: 11/17/2017



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