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US: iUNU adds rail network and camera system for greenhouses

Following the launch of iUNU’s flagship LUNA greenhouse management platform, the company unveiled its latest innovation, the Luna rail network and autonomous camera system today. This tool leverages how machines and computers emulate the human brain and eyes to create images and understanding about the growing process and operation.

Luna works by using a rail-mounted, autonomous mobile camera that captures close-up, high-definition plant images, and high-definition emplaced cameras that watch and keep track of the total growing process. This, combined with visual information data points gathered from incanopy sensors, tells you what is actually happening. At the same time, Luna is building models of real-time growth curves and proactively notifying the team if subsequent crops deviate from established standards. By coupling these alerts with workflow management dashboards, managers can easily assign tasks and track all the care required for a specific crop. Luna is easily accessed through any Internet-connected device through a native mobile application or a desktop browser.

“Our technology helps growers optimize greenhouse farming through images and data, improving performance and demand-driven agriculture. Simply put: Luna has got your back,” said iUNU CEO Adam Greenberg. “The Luna rail network and camera are the latest grower focused, plant-centric solutions from iUNU, and we are just getting started,” Greenberg continued. “Over the coming months you will continue to see updates and enhancements added to the software management suite as well as extending functionality and reach with hardware developments. The team driving this company is the best in the emerging ag-tech sector, combining decades of experience from companies like Amazon, Boeing, Honeywell, Intel, IBM, HP, Adobe, Mozilla and some of the largest greenhouse operations in the country. We are applying the same approach that revolutionized manufacturing to the commercial greenhouse market – turning recipes into measured, repeatable, industrial processes.”
The arrival of the rail network and camera augments the Luna software platform’s computer vision and machine learning technologies to continuously build detailed models of individual plants throughout the day while addressing greenhouse-wide operations issues. Using high-resolution imagery, as well as bioinformatics, this system provides an innovative approach to monitoring tiny changes in plant behavior, allowing for more proactive management. The reality is greenhouse growers must deal with pests, diseases and other environmental threats to plants – now Luna offers a solution that enables them to operate as modern, demand-based, information-driven, manufacturing facilities.
The Luna system begins to learn, and remember, the moment cameras and sensors are turned on, giving growers historical records of every detail of every plant in the system, as well as live information. 
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Publication date: 11/15/2017



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