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US (NV): Grower hits record-breaking THC & terpene profiles

Kynd Cannabis is one of Nevada’s premier cultivation and extraction companies, specializing in a range of premium cannabis-based products. Headed by Mark Pitchford (CEO), and Mike Rognier (Head Grower), Kynd Cannabis touts over 70 years of combined cultivation and production experience among their executive staff. A team of seasoned professionals, Kynd Cannabis uses masterful growing practices and leading-edge technology to cultivate flowers that are tailored for high potency and medicinal benefit. Kynd takes critical care of their crops to maximize flower production while crafting exceptional oil products driven by clean extraction methods.

Too many novice growers look to utilize old technologies and production methods with the hopes that following the recipe book will yield high returns. Kynd Cannabis are no novice growers.

Mark Pitchford and Mike Rognier have long since realized there are too many factors that go into the cultivation of this crop to rely on a one-size-fits-all strategy. “We’ve been hitting top of industry yields and quality for a long time now.” says Mark Pitchford, Kynd CEO. “We’re looking to new technologies to stay on the leading-edge of cultivation. The most value for us is in boosting quality for our extractions, all while increasing our efficiency for a better profit model”.

Mark came to LumiGrow interested in the capabilities of a smart horticultural lighting solution. “Initially we were interested in sourcing a professional LED solution that was reliable and could hit our numbers while saving on energy costs. Learning about LumiGrow, the concept of dynamic lighting strategies seemed intriguing as well. We never thought of adjustable LED light as a way to excel our crop quality, but as it turns out light spectrum is a powerful tool”, says Mark.

Kynd Cannabis deployed smart LED lighting strategies using LumiGrow’s smartPARTM Wireless Control System. “The ability to change spectrum, set lighting schedules remotely, and toggle between pink and white light (view-mode) from our phones and tablets is changing the way we use light to grow. The interface is simple to use, and we’re now looking to light as a means for boosting the quality of our crop beyond what we thought possible”, says Mike Rognier, Kynd Master Grower.

“People always say it comes down to yields and quality, and they’re right, but we’re looking deeper at the equation to maximize our profits” says Mark. “Because of LumiGrow, we’re hitting our yields while seeing higher profits from our extractions due to higher THC and terpene profiles from the dynamic LEDs”. Higher THC and terpene profiles have allowed Kynd to further differentiate their extractions as a premiere product. “We’re seeing THC above 30% for some strains, and higher terpenes across the board, all while averaging 50 grams per square foot, it’s really incredible”, exclaims Mike.

LED lighting’s ability to boost quality was maybe unexpected for Kynd’s master growers, but the energy-savings have also delivered as promised. Kynd continues to reduce energy-costs through the use of their LumiGrow LED lighting system. “People are asking what our next steps are? We’re looking to further differentiate our product using smartPARTM custom dynamic LED strategies to find the best light recipe by strain. We’re starting to see that the sky is the limit with these lights … The industry hasn’t seen anything like this yet”, says Mark.

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Publication date: 11/14/2017



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