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20 million per hour – the anniversary of the potting machine

It all began in Heidenheim in the south of Germany but today more than 50 Mayer dealers and service outlets can be found across the globe. For a total of 18,256 days, the Mayer potting machine has been the epitome of quality in the commercial horticultural sector. This is 50 years in which the company and its products have continued to make progress. Thanks to the innovative solutions provided by Mayer, some 20 million plants can be potted every hour.

It was in 1967 that George Mayer developed the world's first automated potting machine with drill. In its centre it had a small container for soil while the pots were loaded by hand onto a turntable. This planter even had a simple drill system. Much has changed since then.

The first improvement took the form of 'model 69' (named for the year in which it saw the light of day). This had an automated system that transported substrate using two worm gears in a vertical direction from a soil hopper. The next development involved the transport of substrate without using worm gears; instead, a rubber belt with elevator chains and buckets was used. The subsequent introduction of an automatic pot feeder and various other refinements, such as an electronic frequency converter that controlled the soil elevator and turntable, made the potting machine from Heidenheim ever more user-friendly.

Machines by Mayer have long found favour in the international marketplace. In 1994, two subsidiaries were established in Hungary. Mayer continued to grow, forming its own metal and small parts welding business, and also began with the construction of switch cabinets and control and handling technology products, gaining the core skills that are today the proud possessions of the company group.

Precision laser metal cutting
In 1997, a 1500 m2 production hall was commissioned in Kisfalud in Hungary. This state-of-the-art facility, planned and implemented in accordance with Western European standards, is now a major production outlet. The available machinery was updated by means of the acquirement of a laser cutting machine (Trumpf L 3030, 3000 W) and the very latest in metal processing technology.

The site in Hungary has since undergone continuing expansion. There was further investment in laser technology equipment 'Made in Germany' in 2006, 2007 and 2012. Two Trumpf TC 3030 laser cutters with 3200 W laser output have been employed since November 2006; more than 10,000 of these machines are in use worldwide and are second to none in terms of quality and reliability. In late 2007, the laser capacity of the facility was further increased in the form of a Trumpf TC 3030 laser cutter with 4000 W output, ensuring the supply of, among other things, the precision parts required for the Mayer potting machines. The latest addition was a Trumpf TruLaser 3030, also with 4000 W output, that was purchased in 2012.

The advantages to customers of Mayer's investments very soon became apparent and the company was able to launch its high performance TM 2700 potting machine in 2014. Its main feature is its 'VarioFix' pot holder. This can be readily adjusted to any pot size and can hold up to one, two or four pots at one and the same time, meaning that it is not necessary to change the pot holder when there is a changeover of pot size. The 2.4 m console table of the 'XL' version means that up to five persons can simultaneously work together or a robot transplanter with up to twelve grippers can be used.

User-orientated and reliable
Available are ten different versions of potting machine, designed for the specific needs of small to large horticultural businesses, ornamental plant growers and even tree nurseries that can plant pots from 5 to 40 cm in diameter and fill containers up to a capacity of 400 litres. Moreover, included in the Mayer range are machines for the whole horticultural business process chain - from soil preparation, pot and tray filling to rational handling of a range.

The essential hallmark of all Mayer potting machines is the original circular system that provides for optimum ergonomics. Maximum smooth running, precision, high production output and perfectly centred planting holes ensure the very best planting quality. With five decades of experience and know-how behind it, Mayer places its emphasis on user-friendly technology, top reliability and the durability of its products. 

For more information:
Poststraße 30
89522 Heidenheim
T: +49 7321 9594 290
F: +49 7321 9594 299

Publication date: 11/14/2017



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