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stabilized & activated food grade hydrogen peroxide:

New zero residue water treatment and biofilm control solution

Biofilms are the most underrated threat to successful Horticultural production, especially in re-circulated water systems. Biofilms can form within days and are a safe-haven for pathogen multiplication and a constant source of infection for irrigated crops. Over and above the fact that biofilm blocks drippers, 80% of all plant infections come through the water source, almost always as a consequence of biofilms.

Plant immune systems can survive attacks by individual planktonic pathogens on a daily basis, but when a biofilm sloughs and releases hundreds of thousands of pathogens at once into the irrigation water, the plant's immune system becomes overwhelmed and infection rapidly follows.

Aquaza cc manufactures and distributes a uniquely Stabilised & Activated Food Grade Hydrogen peroxide disinfectant for water treatment and biofilm control. Aquaza Food Grade H2O2 is stabilised and activated using only Food Grade vegetable ingredients in a process known a Molecular Encapsulation.

The result is an effective and economical low dose, slow release Hydrogen peroxide designed to target organic pollution. The Molecular Encapsulation Technology ensures that Oxygen in only released from the H2O2 carrier in direct response to the Biological Oxygen Demand present. The remaining Aquaza H2O2 remains "On Guard" until more organic pollution is encountered. With Aquaza you are able to harness the full potential of the Hydrogen peroxide, to use all of the available Oxygen, without fear of phytotoxic burn from the chain-reaction decomposition of high dosages of standard grade Hydrogen peroxide.

For the first time, it is possible to ensure low dosages of H2O2 function throughout the irrigation system, keeping biofilm in control even at the furthermost drippers. Regular H2O2, dosed at 50 ppm in irrigation water, will decompose by over 80% to less than 10 ppm after only 20 metres in a biofilm free irrigation system, whereas Aquaza shows only <1% decomposition over the same distance in the system.

Standard H2O2 is regularly used by growers to improve the quality of their irrigation water, but now Aquaza offers the opportunity to take H2O2 several steps further. The recommended treatment protocol is to lock a 2000 - 5000 ppm Aquaza solution into the irrigation system overnight to eradicate existing biofilm. Once the irrigation system is biofilm free, dose 20 - 50 ppm Aquaza H2O2 continually in the irrigation water. Continual treatment of the irrigation water offers the following advantages:

  1. Pathogen & Chlorine elimination in irrigation water
  2. Biofilm eradication in irrigation system
  3. Increased depth of pathogen free aerobic root environment, including nematode control
  4. Enhanced rooting success and growth of seedlings, grafts and cuttings  
  5. Reduction of plant stress due to under or over watering, re-planting, excess salinity & fertilizer/chemical overload
  6. Enhancement of plant immune system and response to pathogenic infection
  7. Increased vascular systems leading to increased water and nutrient uptake
  8. Quicker and increased vegetative (biomass) and regenerative growth (harvest yield)

Plants prefer rain water because rain contains H2O2, formed by raindrops (H2O) passing through ozone (O3) and acquiring an extra Oxygen atom to form H2O2. The presence of H2O2 in the water acts as a signaller for increased vegetative and regenerative plant growth, as well as ensuring an aerobic growth environment.

Aquaza delivers H2O2 at extremely low doses directly the plant and our customers report many aspects of improvement i.e. germination rates up from 90% to 98%+, seedlings ready for re-planting in 14 days instead of 21, rooting success of roses up from 40 - 70% to over 98%. Roots and stems that are longer, stronger and thicker, and leaves that are a darker, deeper more vibrant green.

For more information:
Craig G. Jones

Publication date: 10/3/2013



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