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"Fruit in punnets or pots not a trend but a necessity"

From strawberries and blueberries to peaches, asparagus and even garlic. A trend emerged from visiting the over 1400 exhibitors at Fruit Attraction Madrid (18th-20th October 2017) - many chose packaging like punnets and pots to make the products easier to consume.

Green asparagus in trays: clean and ready to cook 

Of course this is not entirely new, but we noticed a strong trend.

Asparagus tips in pots

In addition to the usual soft fruit and strawberries, we saw asparagus in punnets and even pots, especially when it came to asparagus tips. 

Another product was garlic cloves from Spain (Spain is in fact the leading garlic producer on a European level).

Cooking show with fresh-cut products in heat-sealed pots 

A stand displayed a fruit vending machine suitable for gyms, schools or public areas in general. Peaches, nectarines, apples, pears and vegetables were placed in tubes.

Above and below: fruit vending machine, two pieces per tube. 

The fruit in punnets was not always fresh-cut: we saw clementines in two-piece punnets called "Pack duo" so they can be carried around bags without squishing. The idea seems to be precisely this one: "let's make life easier for those who buy fruit. It is more expensive, but the service compensates for the higher demand compared to simple fruit."

Ilip punnets rewarded at "Pasarela Innova"

Ilip was rewarded in the "Pasarela Innova" section for its heat-sealed punnets combined with active pads and special laser-perforated films. Life+ keeps the produce fresh for longer with unaltered weight and organoleptic characteristics.

Publication date: 11/28/2017



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