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NL: Beekenkamp sows record number of tomatoes and bell pepper seeds

Only two weeks ago the fruit vegetable season had an official kick off at Beekenkamp. They are already in full swing. Last week, a record number of 10,000 trays of bell pepper and tomato plants were sown. Most of the work is performed mechanically, but some of the components require specialized workers. Those experienced co-workers seeded this all in one week, a unique achievement for Beekenkamp.

Last week, the first 250,000 peppers were also transplanted in the new greenhouse in 's-Gravenzande. It doesn’t only have a nice and new glasshouse, but more importantly it meets the highest hygiene requirements. The strict hygiene measures do not apply only to the propagation facilities itself but also to all the co-workers, used containers and vehicles. Their quality inspectors check all processes on a daily basis and test the health and quality of the starting material in the laboratory.

The extra 6 hectare greenhouse delivered at the end of last year, is again nearly full. For this reason, the process of delivery of the remaining 3 hectares has been accelerated. By the end of this year, they expect to grow the first young plants.

For more information:
Beekenkamp Plants
Korte Kruisweg 141
2676 BS Maasdijk

Publication date: 10/25/2017



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