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Ronald Begelinger, Patron Agri Systems Group

"Water purification rules are an opportunity not a burden"

The use of chemical crop pesticides has been drastically reduced in recent years. Partially based on the initiative from the sector and partially forced. The latter can be difficult for the growers. One of the main reasons for this tighter regulation is the attention to water quality.

Ronald Begelinger, Patron Agri Systems Group: "The new guidelines surrounding water purification could turn the tide on further reducing chemicals. If the quality of the surface water increases, due to the new solutions that are being offered, there will be less need to further lock down chemicals."

He continues: "That would be a relief for a lot of growers. It's difficult, almost impossible to keep away pathogens and diseases if even less pesticides are allowed."

The Apollo Plus by Patron, which can be found on the list of the Beoordelingscommissie Zuiveringsinstallaties Glastuinbouw (BZG).

Pathogens cost kilos
Ronald: "Really, the new water purification rules can be seen as an opportunity. And not a burden. Horticulture will benefit from it if infestations and diseases can be defeated. It's costing kilos at the moment. On the other hand I also understand the reserved position of the growers well."

Water quality is of global interest. Water is becoming more scarce. The issue of water purification has also started to play a role in Belgium. Patron Agri Systems has already received the first requests. The rest of Europe is expected to follow this legislation as well. 

For more information
Patron Agri Systems Group
Ronald Begelinger
Aartsdijkweg 9-11
2676 LE Maasdijk
Phone: 0031 (0) 174 517 161

Publication date: 10/25/2017



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