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New generation of iconic Harvestman pepper trolley

Whoever has visited a pepper greenhouse, couldn’t have missed it: the scissor trolley from Buitendijk-Slaman. The device has been around for almost thirty years and has basically not changed during that period. At present, the new Harvestman scissor lift trolleys have completed their first season. How did they performed? "As they should", says pepper grower Andijk. 

Solid machine
"The pipe rail trolley from Buitendijk-Slaman that came on the market in the late 1980's, was a unique machine. It could turn around its own axis and was equipped with a weighted chassis and a strengthened scissor construction. This resulted in lifting more than other trolleys, which is important in pepper cultivation because you have to go up high," says Matthias Haakman of Buitendijk-Slaman. The machine is also easy to recognize: a characteristic big wheel in the middle and on the outside a frame that consists of two long profiles. "The advantage of that is that waste material - a branch or a leaf - just fell on the ground through the trolley," Matthias explains. "But gradually that became outdated. Certainly in respect of the stricter hygiene requirements."
It was therefore decided to upgrade the showpiece, while maintaining the strong elements: the robustness and simplicity. Most striking change in appearance is the new Harvestman is provided with closed plating. "So that you can just wipe the leaves off the trolley," says Matthias. "Because we wanted to retain the simplicity of the model, the plating can be removed without tools. That's important when that is needed for maintenance purposes."

Also behind the plating the machine has undergone modernization. The hydraulic scissor is adapted so that the trolley drives more stable over the pipe rail and the corners of the scissor are rounded to protect the crop. The Harvestman is available with a maintenance-free battery pack and the control of the lifting wheels is simplified to just one control knob.

The ESCH 2, early 1990s already a familiar sight in the pepper greenhouses

The successor in the 2000s

And now the next generation Harvestman
Export and dealers
This year, the machines have been delivered and currently they are in use as far as New Zealand. "At Gourmet, they’re in the greenhouse," stated Matthias. These carts are purchased via a dealer. Buitendijk-Slaman themselves take care of a large part of international trade. "We know that when we present something, that it’s good. For us there is no problem in shipping our new  trolley that far off. We have been exporting since the 90's and in New Zealand we have a very reliable dealer. So we are certain that everything will be fine."

Wide flange
The machines are also in use closer to home. For example, at Vink Sion, in Bitgum. And at Nursery Kwekerij Andijk in Andijk, member of Rainbow Growers. "We have been working with this system for a long time," says Patrick Grootscholten of Rainbow Growers. "This is our preference. Now we have upgraded to the new model. It's the advanced variant and basically they are just great trolleys." Furthermore, in their greenhouse it is apparent that the trolleys are equipped with wheels with a wide flange beneath it. "Because they are used in harvesting, they are heavy-loaded. As they move from the rails to the concrete path, the top layer of the concrete can be damaged. Because these carts have wide wheels made of plastic, the top layer is better protected."
To assemble all these trolleys they have several vacancies at Buitendijk-Slaman, including for a welder/construction bench fitter. Have a look here for more information.

For more information:
Zernikestraat 2 | P.O. Box 119
2665 ZJ Bleiswijk
The Netherlands
P. +31 (0)10 521 63 77
F. +31 (0)10 521 90 73

Publication date: 10/24/2017



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