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Desertfoods project brings aquaponics to Namibia

A 12,000 m≤ climate-controlled greenhouse will be built in the Namib Desert East of Swakopmund next year. It will be expanded by another 32,000 m≤ after 3 years. This will be a step towards increasing the food security of Namibia as well as the practical implementation of decoupled multi-loop aquaponic systems. The start of production expected to take place mid of 2018 with an annual output exceeding 543 metric tons of vegetables (tomatoes, sweet peppers, lettuce) and 63 metric tons of tilapia fish.
  • Desertfoods aims to tackle part of todayís food security challenges by running unparalleled climate-smart and high-tech aquaponic farms, without losing sight on the responsibility for future generations by using natural resources wisely.
  • The in-house designed farming facility smartly combines the most advanced sub-elements of hydroponics and aquaculture technologies.
  • Desertfoods' farming approach can be defined as a decoupled multi-loop aquaponic system. In this system, nutrients and water are recycled to the highest degrees, while ensuring both optimal and stable growth conditions for both fish and crops.

The project is undertaken by Desertfoods Namibia PTY, GŲteborgs Universitet, Wageningen University, University of Namibia, IGZ, and Developonics.

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Publication date: 10/20/2017



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