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New packaging brings longer shelf life and less waste for herbs

Marina, an Israel based fruit and vegetable growing and distribution company and specialises in refrigerated distribution and recently chose to use Tadbik's latest packaging solution Fresh Lid for some of its products. 

Roni Sofer, VP Marketing in Marina shared insights about Tadbik’s patent-pending Fresh Lid, the packaging which enables multiple uses.

Q. How did you select Tadbik as a packaging partner?
We have been working with Tadbik as our labeling partner. We are familiar with Tadbik’s flexible packaging solutions from the salami products. In one of our meetings, we were introduced to Tadbik’s reclosable Fresh Lid and found the right fit for our needs. So it’s fair to say that our interface with Tadbik is on the rise.

Q. What lead you to choose Fresh Lid over other alternatives? 
Fresh Lid provides a focused solution for neat packaging of herbs. In Israel, consumers usually buy herbs in bouquets, which is not so convenient in terms of functionality. The leaves fall from the stems, and storing in nylon bags is unpleasant.

Fresh Lid provides a high standard package solution that is easy to use, re-closable and clear so it provides good visibility of the packed product.  

Q. Which needs are met from the consumer’s point of view?
First and foremost, the main need is to extend shelf life of leafy greens and herbs. While the average shelf life is 6-7 days, Fresh Lid enabled 14 days of freshness. In domestic refrigerators, we even managed to reach 17 days. 

Secondly, consumers were looking for functional packaging, which wasn’t previously available in this category. The convenience is also an important consideration – ease of use and ease of storage are significant to consumers. In addition, our motto is “More Leaves, Less Stems” which cannot be ensured in bouquets and bundles of herbs.

Q. What are your conclusions now that Fresh Lid is out?
Fresh Lid seems to be a success story. We also witness a strong demand for private labels as well. So much so, that we recently bought another machine for this category, a Cold Seal system by Tadbik. Tadbik provides the applicator as well as the cold seal labels. 

Q. Will you extend the product portfolio packed in Fresh Lid?
Yes, we strongly believe in Fresh Lid so we plan to use this solution to pack chili peppers, ginger and cherry tomatoes. The chain stores demand to launch a private label based on Fresh Lid and the consumers seem to embrace it as a value-adding solution.  

For more information: 
Anat Ron

Publication date: 10/27/2017



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