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Update on Dutch high wire trials in energy efficient systems

In Brielle, Jaco den Bakker cultivates high-wire cucumbers in a greenhouse that was built in 2009. For the second year in a row, Jaco guides, together with colleagues, the highwire cucumber cultivations in the 2SaveEnergy Greenhouse (2016) and in the Winterlight Greenhouse (2017) in Bleiswijk. Jaco reveals the status of the project.

"After a laborious first cultivation due to an early thrips infestation, the second cultivation in the Winterlight Greenhouse is good. What we as growers do notice is the different climate in the Winterlight Greenhouse relative to the 2SaveEnergy Greenhouse last year. The 2Save is much more humid, probably due to the double roof. With the dehumidification plant in the Winterlight Greenhouse, the climate can be controlled well on the computer, but yet it feels different to us, possibly due to a different air movement.“

"In the trial, cultivation is done differently from what I'm used to at home. At home I still work with minimum tubing and open windows. However, the cultivation method in the trial does not skimp on expense of production or quality. Both are excellent. An important explication is the 10% higher light transmittance. In particular during the last two months where the outside light was disappointing, that is an important advantage.

"I endorse screening against emission, but in practice, other factors also play a role. At home I'm more careful with the use of screens, also because close to the sea the nights do not cool down quickly in the autumn. However, I also see the effect of the emission at my plant temperature meter, the head of the crop cools down significantly at night."

"What we've also learned from the trial, which has nothing to do with energy, is the quality of the labor. During the trial, the work is always done on time and by experienced people, which in practice is not always possible. I am convinced that work carried out on time and of good quality, will lead to a better result.”

Source: Kas als Energiebron (Aat Dijkshoorn)

Publication date: 11/8/2017



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