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New Dutch government to give green light for moderated cannabis trials

High expectations for new Dutch cannabis regulation

Perhaps the Dutch  might soon turn to the U.S. and Canada to gain more knowledge on regulated cultivation of cannabis now that the new Dutch government has announced plans to allow the cultivation  and sale of legalized cannabis in a number of municipalities. The regulated cannabis will be cultivated on a central location and then spread among six to ten municipalities. It is a trial to see if crime is reduced by legal cultivation. As well as this the trial needs to show if it is possible to reduce the amount of harmful substances most of the distributed cannabis currently contains, as RTL Nieuws reports.

Medium and larger sized municipalities can sign up for the trial. Breda and Eindhoven, are interested in the trial.The Mayor of Breda Paul Depla calls it "very good news".  Mayor Depla will certainly propose to the local council of Breda to participate, he told RTL Nieuws. "The local council has indicated its interest, I'm sure Breda will sign up to participate in the trial."

Eindhoven also wants to participate in the trial, Mayor John Jorritsma states. "The present regulation is hypocritical. There are fifteen coffee shops in my municipality, they are allowed to sell cannabis, but it comes in through the backdoor."

Other interested municipalities are Tilburg, Nijmegen and Bergen op Zoom. 

Publication date: 10/12/2017



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