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Ries Neuteboom, Philips Lighting Horticulture LED Solutions

"The borders of tomato production are substantially moved by LED lighting"

Ries Neuteboom of Philips Lighting Horticulture LED Solutions regularly sees the tomato production in Belgium rise strongly due to the use of LED. Test centre Hoogstraten even reached 108 kg in tests with Merlice last year. The Belgian growers closely follow the news of the testing stations. They are triggered by these figures, this is obvious. LED between lighting was installed on 10 out of 30 hectares this year, where there was previously no light. If growers have to make the choice they opt for LED lighting, more often than in the Netherlands.

Predictable and quality
LED lighting is an interesting cost for the Belgian. It doesn't just bring them a predictable winter production, it also brings good quality and higher yield. Ries: "The tests confirm this again and again." The Test centre Hoogstraten now also has strawberry tests with 100% LED lighting. At the Test centre St Katelijne Waver a test is being conducted on lettuce crops with LED.

Ries Neuteboom: "I started with these high production figures four years ago. Occasionally though they weren't convincing enough. These are huge numbers. I understand that. Now the test centre has simply been able to confirm these figures. This offers the growers faith. "Phillips Lighting Horticulture LED Solutions expects this knowledge to spread to the Netherlands, among others. LED lighting isn't quite as popular there as in Belgium at the moment."

In Belgium lighting of 180 µmol SonT is frequently used. If you hang up more SonT it has a negative impact on the climate. The heat doesn't benefit the plants. This is why the frequent combination with LED lighting of 55 – 75 µmol is common. This makes it possible to reach very high levels of light, whilst the climate in the greenhouse remains optimal, which allows for a very high production in tomatoes. Ries: "We see very positive results for LED in other crops, such as cucumbers, alstroemeria, blackberries and roses."

Piet Hein van Baar, plant specialist for Philips Lighting Horticulture LED Solutions, gives tomato growers of cultivation advice: "Piet Hein: We work from a growth model and look at the history of the cultivation company before artificial light is used. Using this information we decide on the number of hours of light and the total light recipe. Then, in conversation with the horticulturalist we set a growth prediction and I advise them on the manner of cultivating with LED. We often see that 1 extra µmol LED-interlight provides 1.5x more production than 1 µmol from the SonT light."

For more information:
Philips Lighting Horticulture LED Solutions
Ries Neuteboom
Tel 0031 (0) 611 - 742 753

Publication date: 10/10/2017



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