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1st Edition of Bakker Brothers' International Open Days

For the first time, the Dutch company, Bakker Brothers, took part in the seed enhancement and production companies' demo days. During the last week in September, visitors from all over the world were able to go to the demo-field at Bakker Brothers in North Scharwoude. 

Originally mainly focused on seed production, Bakker Brothers has been involved with seed enhancement for eight years now, says Bastiaan Schoenmaker, Chief of Breeding and Product Development at the company. "Bakker Brothers is a concept in the Middle East, Africa and the countries around the Mediterranean. Many of their cultivation programmes are also run there. They are, however, back in their country of origin, the Netherlands, where they have noticed a steady growth."

The entrance to the Bakker Brothers's demo-field

The first edition of the Bakker Brothers' International Open Days was a living catalogue of plants and varieties. On the demonstration field in North Scharwoude, people were led beside the trial fields of green beans, carrots, sweetcorn, courgettes and pumpkins. In the reception area, plants that only flourish in warm regions were to be seen.

The beans' portfolio was filled with all kinds of beans for the fresh market. Included were green beans, slicing beans, broad beans and runner beans. This portfolio has been expanded in the last few years with varieties that are used in the vegetable processing sector. The Borlotto bean is typically sold on the Italian market, while yellow beans are popular in Eastern Europe.

Green beans vs industry

Green beans are available in various lengths (indicated with sieve sizes 1 - 5), the longest beans (sieve size 4/5) are of interest to the processing industry.

There were carrots of all shapes and sizes. In the past few years, these have been mainly cultivated for the industry and fresh market.

Snack carrots are generally long carrots, cut into bite-size pieces. Bakker Brothers is developing these coloured baby carrots specifically for the snack sector.

The sweetcorn was blown flat by the storm that took place in the days prior to the Open Days. The plants were able to recover nicely, says Bastiaan. Here, the sweetcorn is, standing tall. 

The Butler pumpkin variety, a butternut type, is a hybrid variety with high yields.

For information:
Bakker Brothers
12 Oostelijke Randweg
1723 LH Noord-Scharwoude
T: + 31 226 331364
F: + 31 226 317641

Publication date: 10/10/2017



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