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Sun's Fruits:

"Moving abroad unnecessary if produce is of a high quality"

"We produce excellent-quality aubergines but we don't want to talk merely about produce. We would actually like to talk about our journey, which started three years ago when we finished high school and inherited a 5 hectare plot," explains Vincenzo Incardona who, together with his cousins Pietro, Salvatore and Leandro, decided not to abandon his region to find work in northern Italy or abroad like many others do.

Velia aubergines on Espina grafts

"Vittoria (RG) is famous for its agriculture but things haven't been going well for some time. We did think about leaving but the chance to work on such a large plot made us change our minds. We decided to use the water, climate and nature typical of our territory to create something new, something lasting and innovative that represents the concept of high-quality food."

Today, they produce around 100 tons of aubergines of the Giada, Velia and Rosalia varieties a year under the Sun's Fruits brand as well as cherry tomatoes.

Aubergine plant being transplanted

All the plots are protected, half under iron structures and the rest under wooden ones, which though will be replaced soon. Transplants are carried out in late September and harvesting occurs between early December and late July.

The produce is currently delivered to the local fresh produce market in crates, but the company will soon be able to trade autonomously. It is waiting to obtain the GlobalGAP certification and for the new warehouse to be built.

The fact that they understood the almost essential need to stand out with their own brand is definitely a good start. This, combined with certifications, means the future of the company will probably be bright.

Left to right: Vincenzo, Salvo, Leandro and Pietro

"It makes sense to destine our produce to the Vittoria market, but we want to access new forms of business where we can manage negotiations directly. We are doing all we can with the help of our parents. We have even set up a small testing centre to experiment with new varieties, plant protection products etc. to gain more experience to place at the service of final consumers."

"Quality is high thanks to the fact we are very committed. As regards pesticide residues, we guarantee that there aren't any, as we follow standards and carry out targeted treatments not to alter the quality of our products."

"We want to create something that can be used as a model by many others who are unsure what to do with their lives. If they have the chance to work in agriculture, there is no need to move abroad! The important thing is to work well, because there is no longer room for improvisation." 

Contact information: 
Sun's Fruits Srls

Via Feliciano Rossitto 32
Tel.: +39 3331366169

Publication date: 10/6/2017



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