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Efficient steaming system for strawberry cultivation in bank-rows developed

A new steaming system by the company MSD (Möschle-Seifert-Dämpftechnik) saved over 50% of energy in heating oil savings on the 11th of September, 2017, near Bruchsal, Germany. The big advantage lies in stripe-steaming with spike-covers. This way, only the planting area that is relevant for cultivation is treated with superheated steam. Using the spike-covers, a steam depth penetration of a little more than 30cm in the dam-base was achieved.

The system is designed as a semi-automatic solution. The spike-covers for sandwich-steaming are mounted to a hydraulic, lift- and lowerable carrier vehicle, which also has the steam generator installed. The result is a compact steaming unit, that can process three bank-rows at the same time, 30cm deep. The steaming time is dependent on the efficiency of the steam generator as well as the size of the covers and the desired steaming depth.

In any case, this solution facilitates highly efficient energy consumption. With a steam consumption of under 40kg of steam per cubic meter of earth during testing, this sandwich-steaming system with spike-covers can minimize heating oil consumption, converted to square meters, under 0,4 liters by square meter at a steam depth of a little more than 30 cm.

Three bank-rows are sanitized using the sandwich-steaming-process with spike covers at the same time using superheated steam.

After steaming, the rows can be planted on the next day. The district administration of Karlsruhe will observe and monitor the growth and gain of the strawberry culture over the next three years. Results as good as from last year steaming tests are expected.

For more information:
Stollenberg 8
77770 Durbach / Germany
Tel: (+49) 781 127 866-60
Fax: (+49) 781 127 866-69

Publication date: 9/26/2017



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