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Tasty innovation combines eggplants with look of tomatoes

Is it a tomato or an eggplant? This are so-called bunch aubergines. And an Italian trader offers them to local retailers. 

They may not look at all like aubergines, but Toy bunch aubergines actually have a stronger flavour than their traditional counterparts. And this is what makes the difference. They are currently available from the Italian Frigenti Group in San Valentino Torio (SA).

"Companies located in northern Italy and working with retailers have been particularly interested, and some even asked us if they could be exclusive dealers for some areas. This niche product seems rather popular."

Bunch aubergines are available at the same time as traditional aubergines, i.e. between August and November, but Frigenti Group is already working to extend the calendar.

"Next year, we are looking to have third-party producers located in different areas grow them as well, so they can be available for longer. This in turn will make sure we retain customers."

The produce is currently grown in the Agro Nocerino-Sarnese. "We own 25 hectares ourselves and can count on associates with greenhouse and open-field crops. In addition, there are also affiliated producers in Puglia, Basilicata, Piana del Sele, Piana del Fucino and Calabria which, among other products, also grow coloured cauliflowers.

Frigenti Group's bunch aubergines are available in a variety of packaging solutions depending on customer needs. The most popular is the 500 gram tray, which is ideal to prepare a side-dish serving four or a second course serving two. 

The company has applied to obtain the BRC and IFS certifications.

For further information:
Frigenti Group

Via Tuoro 41
84010 San Valentino Torio (SA) - Italy
Tel.: +39 081 956389
Fax: +39 081 5189401

Publication date: 9/11/2017



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