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Delphy brings Dutch knowledge to Japan

On Friday 25 August 2017, Delphy Japan and Seiwa organised a horticulture seminar in Tokyo for growers. The purpose of the seminar was to achieve high-yield cultivation of horticultural crops by learning from expertise in the Netherlands. More than 100 guests participated including Japanese horticultural growers, and specialists from prefectural governments.

Agricultural Counsellor Evert Jan Krajenbrink held the welcome speech in which he underlined the importance of cooperation between Japan and the Netherlands. The recent setting up of an agricultural dialogue on governmental and business level is a useful way to learn from each other and establish mutual trade, investment and knowledge exchange.

Delphy Japan is such an example of two partners from the Netherlands and Japan joining forces and being complementary in the horticultural industry, an industry which is of crucial importance to the economy and to a stable and sustainable supply of safe and high quality food.

Two experts from the Netherlands were the key note speakers about profitable greenhouse business in Japan. Dr. Ep Heuvelink, Associate Professor of Wagening University and Research, and Mr. Aad van den Berg, Managing Director of Delphy Japan. Dr. Heuvelink presented the latest knowledge on greenhouse climate and plant physiology and Mr. van den Berg shared insights on next generation horticulture.

Delphy Japan is a joint venture established by Delphy in the Netherlands and Seiwa in Japan. The company provides consultancy services to Japanese growers based on cutting edge innovation from the Netherlands. In addition to that Seiwa and Delphy Japan cooperate in conducting research to adapt and customize Dutch technologies and know-how for optimally utilizing the knowledge.

Source: Agroberichten Buitenland

Publication date: 8/29/2017



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