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"Successful results from European strawberry trials with bee vectoring"

Bee Vectoring Technologies announces successful results from 3 trials on strawberries in Spain and Greece. The company further confirmed that it is progressing on its path to commercialization of the BVT System in the strawberry market in Florida.

Results from 2 trials in Spain, and 1 in Greece which were conducted to prove the efficacy of the BVT System consisting of a bumble bee hive with proprietary dispenser technology through which BVT’s proprietary plant beneficial microbe BVT-CR7 is delivered to crops using bumble bees, showed similar positive outcomes to previous successful North American trials and commercial demonstrations conducted in Florida:
  • The BVT System performed as effectively as standard chemical fungicide treatments in the control of Botrytis (grey mould), a common and costly disease in strawberries;
  • The BVT System increased marketable yields in all trials: from 3 to 15% compared to standards chemical fungicide treatments, and from 14 to 42% compared to untreated;
  • The BVT System provided control of Botrytis in harvested and stored berries thereby increasing their shelf-life;
The company further confirmed that it is making good progress on its path towards commercialization in the Florida strawberry market in the US. It has selected a preferred distributor for that market and is in late stage discussions on key terms and agreeing on a launch plan with the distributor. The company had previously announced successful trials as well as large-scale demonstrations (May 17, 2017), and discussions to secure sales commitments with the growers that participated in the demonstration trials have started.

“We are very pleased with the progress we are making on our path to commercialization in Florida, and expect to be able to announce achieving milestones along this path starting within a few weeks,” stated Ashish Malik, CEO of BVT. “The results from our European trials validate that our technology fits in the European market. Growers throughout Europe are facing increased pressure from consumers, supermarkets, and regulators to reduce the use of chemical pesticides on their crops. The data shows that we have a viable alternative for them to meet these challenges.”

The company is continuing to successfully execute on its documented growth strategy while driving towards commercialization of its proprietary system. BVT is selectively expanding its market opportunities while continuing towards securing US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) regulatory approval of its BVT-CR7 beneficial microbe.

For more information:
Bee Vectoring Technologies International Inc.
T: (647) 660-5119

Publication date: 8/17/2017



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