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Ten must watch hort videos

We've compiled a cool collection of videos for you. See below how Japanese vertical farmers organize their marketing, how liners are installed at the new water storage of Dutch grower Schenkeveld and what the Van Wingerden family are up to in the United States. Enjoy!

Japanese plant factory

Cultivation in a plant factory, it’s very cool and high tech, but the downside is that it seems to have little to do with nature. How do you market something like this? In Japan, they know how. Check out the 808 Factory commercial.

French containers 

The French know how important it is to place their container produce in a good position on the market. These French youngsters use their experience as sons of traditional growers and involve the entire community in setting up their local for local project. Have a look at how they do it.


The new tv commerical of Dutch retailer COOP provides a look in the greenhouses of Helderman nursery. Watch grower Willem Koster in action.


Recenltly we already showed how the German strawberry grower Ulrich Osterloh handled the automation and labor costs within his company. This week we add economy with water to it. See all videos of Ulrich Osterloh here.

High-tech Dutch cannabis 

The Van Wingerden family left the Netherlands for New Jersey in 1948. Nearly sixty years later, they are in charge of different horticultural companies across the entire United States. With the legalization of cannabis, Mike and Matt van Wingerden envisaged a new greenhouse. They filled 1/3 of their greenhouse with marijuana plants. In this video, you’ll see what that looks like.

Holiday atmosphere

HortiEspana has launched a campaign to improve the reputation of cultivation in greenhouses. You'll see here how they do that.

Just a little bit more with the drone

The Prins Group and their local partners are working on a tomato and snail (!) nursery in China. The project has been captured with drones and that produces some cool footage.

New water storage

See how, under the supervision of Van Daalen GWW, work is done on the water storage of Dutch grower Schenkeveld/ For those who want to see more: See how the basin fills up.

Tomato cultivation in the Indian Ocean

There is not a lot of horticulture on the island of Réunion due to it being hilly and situated 420 miles east of Madagascar. But certainly something is happening. Consultants Jean Marc and Aurore Hoarau from JM Horti Consulting keep us informed of the developments and the construction of greenhouses on the island.

The archives 

And last but not least there’s one more video from the old Dutch archives. In 1937 in Beverwijk the new auction building of the Beverwijkse Eendracht Tuindersbelang was put into service. In this video, we see one of the last times that verbal auctioning was used and images of the new auction.

Publication date: 8/9/2017
Author: Arlette Sijmonsma



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