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LED Grow Book second edition now available

After the success of the first edition of The LED Grow Book, Christopher Sloper has released a second edition featuring new information and new perspectives on how to successfully garden indoors using LED grow lights. “We in the indoor gardening community have learned a great deal about LED grow lights since I published the first edition. It’s time to fill in the missing pieces,” said Sloper.

The LED Grow Book, Second Edition has been expanded to address lighting and grow management for both commercial and hobby indoor growers. It’s full of insights rooted in Sloper’s decade+ as an indoor gardening retailer and consultant, plus his experience growing indoors with virtually every garden lighting technology on the market.

The LED Grow Book, Second Edition begins with a deep dive into LED grow lights and why they matter. Topics include plant lighting terms, why we would want to use LEDs to grow plants, and how plants interact with various wavelengths of light. The discussion then turns to LED grow lights themselves: what they’re made of, what wavelengths they emit, and what to look for in grow light fixtures and the companies that manufacture them.

The second half of The LED Grow Book, Second Edition provides a primer on good indoor gardening practice, including how LED grow lights affect growing indoors. Sloper provides advice on how to design and build an indoor grow space, what growing system to use, how and what to feed plants, and how to manage pests. The book concludes with some final thoughts from Sloper on LED grow lights and good gardening practice.

The LED Grow Book, Second Edition is available through, local hydroponic shops and other retailers. A digital version of the book will be available soon.

Publication date: 8/9/2017



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