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Michaël Wilde, Eosta

“Organic is booming thanks to the rise of the conscious consumer”

‘Where ecology meets economy’ is the motto at Eosta. The company, which is specialised in greenhouse crops and tropical fruit, is seeing a rise in demand everywhere. “A growing number of consumers are making a conscious decision to buy organic,” says Michaël Wilde, Sustainability & Communications Manager at Eosta.

“Organic products are not just a hype; they are experiencing steady growth. We’re seeing a rise in demand across the board. Millennials are the most important purchasers of organic products. They might not have the most spending power, but they are the most conscious consumers. Supermarkets have noticed that too and are increasingly expanding their organic offering. Even politicians have realised that it makes sense to stimulate the organic sector, because it creates less air pollution and soil pollution and contributes to achieving the Paris climate goals.”

“At Eosta we’ve made it our mission to make the world a better place to live. Sustainability starts with being transparent about where food comes from. Our trace & tell system called Nature & More enables consumers to learn about our thousand-plus growers on six continents. But we go a step further than that. In our video, The True Cost of Food, we reveal the hidden costs of traditional production methods. We’re advocates of fair pricing. And in our ‘Health Wonders’ campaign, which is a tongue-in-cheek reference to the pharmaceutical industry, we show that organic products can contribute to health.”

Tasty tomatoes
“Consumers make a conscious decision to buy organic, either for a better world, for their own health or – even more importantly – for more flavour, which is what sets all organic products apart. Pomodorini, which is part of our Taste Wonders line, is a fantastic example of that. This slightly larger plum truss tomato – the Rijk Zwaan Wasino RZ variety – is extremely tasty. If you’re looking for good flavour, the first priority is to find the right variety. Next comes good soil, the right nutrients and driven growers. Organic Brothers – code number 300 in Nature & More – are real professionals.”

Continually surprising
“Besides the growers, seed producers are also important partners for us. At Rijk Zwaan they understand that we have to keep surprising the consumers of organic products with varieties that not only taste terrific but also have an unusual shape or colour. Rijk Zwaan has a strong commitment to organic, which is why we have such excellent contact with the company. Whenever they have a new or unusual variety, they let us know. They help us to think about what will work in the market, and that’s very valuable for us.”

For more information:
Michael Wilde
Transportweg 7
2742 RH Waddinxveen
Tel: +31 (0)180 63 55 63

Publication date: 8/9/2017



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