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cucumbers in Air&Energy System

Latvians work with LEDs

At the end of May the new greenhouse belonging to the company Getlini was opened in Riga, Latvia, and put into use. The greenhouse is built on an industrial estate for waste recycling outside of the city of Riga. The heat for the greenhouse is generated by the gas generators from the organic gasses from the dump, and if needed from an extra boiler.

The cucumber greenhouse was fully designed and supplied by Hortilife in collaboration with Ammerlaan for the greenhouse construction and the Air&Energy system. The construction was realised with a local construction company combined with supervisors from the Netherlands.
This ultra modern cucumber greenhouse is the first in the world with a combination of:

-    Top and Inter LED lights by PHILIPS in cucumbers.
-    The Ammerlaan Air & Energy
-    Automatic bag system for the cucumber plants
-    Automatic winching system for the double row of Inter LED lights
-    The entire climate is regulated and controlled by the Sercom climate computer.

LED lights
Per 8 metres of bars 8 rows of PHILIPS TOP LEDs have been installed with a power of 330-335 mmol. These top LEDs can be switched 50:50%. And there is a double row of inter LED between the cucumber plants with a power of 85 mmol.
The cultivation will be intensively guided by PHILIPS cultivation officers.

Due to the location of Latvia the days in the winter period are very short, so a lot of power in the lighting is important to be able to realise good yields in the winter. The lighting isn't strange to the company. Sodium lights are installed in the tomato greenhouse, this installation has been running for over six years.

Air & Energy
The greenhouse is equipped with the Air&Energy system by Ammerlaan Construction, to realise an optimal climate control and energy saving. This energy saving is partially possible due to the use of a heat recuperation unit, with which incoming colder outside air is heated by outgoing greenhouse air. This is done with an energy source, and energy efficiency of at least 95% is achieved due to the air/air heat exchangers. Besides this it is possible to keep the windows and screen installation closed for longer, which saves even more energy. Because the warm 'damp' greenhouse air is carried away and the 'colder' outside air is heated up, it is relatively dryer. This dehumidifies and ventilates the greenhouse, which means the screens can be used for longer.

When there is no question of dehumidifying, the Air&Energy will recirculate the greenhouse air and when it does have to be dehumidified, it can do so correctly, maintaining an active and growing climate in the greenhouse. By using the Air&Energy system fungal diseases are a thing of the past, up to 50% of energy can be saved and the climate is optimally controlled for an active and growing climate.

For questions please contact:
Hortilife bv
Twello, Nederland


Publication date: 7/17/2017



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