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5 easy steps to cultivate successfully in pots and troughs

From strawberries to tomatoes: various crops show failings in leaves and flowers when the amount of sodium and potassium is too high in substrates. And growers know that plants in pots and troughs only flourish when the ratio of air and water is in balance. So what do you do? Use easy to buffer stable coir and follow these five steps.

1. Buy good quality cocopeat
How can you recognize good quality coir when most new coir looks good? Coir that is light brown and soft or spongy is made of too young and green husks. Soon after planting it will start to decompose.

2. Expand, buffer and wash the coir briquettes yourself
During the production of stable products Dutch Plantin have already washed their coir to the low level of EC < 1,0 mS/cm in the 1:1,5 dilution. You can now expand/buffer/wash the coir yourself to save (a lot of) money. For each of their products Dutch Plantin provide customers our proven advice on how to expand and wash it.

3. Loosen the coir well
When the coir has expanded to the maximum, the material is still pretty firm and so not airy enough yet. To get the best result, loosen the coir by hand and outside of the pot. This short video shows you how to loosen coir.

4. Fill the pots as uniformly as possible
It is important to press only slightly when filling the pots. Give clear instructions to your staff to fill and plant with great care. Saving money by planting a fast but not perfect won’t give the highest profit. A few cents extra care now, will pay you back much more.

5. Be proud of your work and watch your crops do well!

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Publication date: 7/4/2017



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