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Why you should use a ground cover

Not quite in the market for a fancy greenhouse foundation (at least, not yet)? You’ll need an easy and flexible way to pave over that open ground – that is, if you’re not direct planting or utilizing the soils in your structure.

by Adrian White

If you’re leaning more towards hydroponics, grow tables, container planting, nursery plant retail, or a starts house rather than open soil growing, a material ground cover or landscape fabric will get you taken care of – and only the highest quality will do.

Why ground cover?
Who wants to place their containers, tables, or growing benches on bumpy or uneven ground? That’s just the start – relying on landscape fabric is smarter for many more reasons.
  • Even the playing field. Have a smooth, level greenhouse floor for cheap, making it easy to grow and hold your stock.
  • Keep down weeds. Plants love your greenhouse, but weeds will love it more. Landscape fabric is one way to guarantee their prevention.
  • Improve access. Cover earth both inside and outside for easy traffic, and easy access to accessories within and without.
  • Separate soil mediums. Trying to keep sand separate from soil or gravel? No problem.
  • Great aesthetics. Dress to impress – fabric makes it relatively easy to give your structure that finished touch, inside and out.
Source: Emerald Kingdom Greenhouse

Publication date: 6/19/2017



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