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Garden Pack combines mini products in larger box

“When people buy vegetables, they often get a combination of cucumbers, peppers and tomatoes,” says Kurvin Soobrayen with AMCO Produce in Leamington, Canada. “This information is based on research we have done ourselves in combination with customer conversations.” In response to this consumer buying pattern, AMCO has developed the Garden Pack that will be launched late June, early July. 

Mini cucumbers, grape tomatoes and mini sweet peppers
The Garden Pack includes mini cucumbers, grape tomatoes and mini sweet peppers. Three different types of trending mini products combined in a box. “It’s ideal for picnics and parties that involve a group of people,” said Soobrayen. “It’s convenient, but also cheaper to buy the pack than everything independently,” he added. The containers are heat-sealed flow wrap to keep the products fresh. The rectangular shaped box is for stocking purposes. “It can be stacked and is easier for retailers to display, as well as more convenient for customers to grab and go” Soobrayen mentioned. 

The Garden Pack comes in a small and a large option. The small pack contains 12 oz. of mini cucumbers, 12 oz. of grape tomatoes and 7 oz. of mini sweet peppers. The large pack on the other hand contains 16 oz., 20 oz. and 10 oz. respectively. Right now, AMCO is working on finalizing the packaging. The product will be officially launched once the packaging is ready for mass production. The Garden Pack will be on display at United Fresh, as it is a finalist within the Best New Vegetable Product category.

Visit AMCO Produce at booth #2431 in Chicago.

For more information:
Kurvin Soobrayen
AMCO Produce
Tel: 519-326-9095

Publication date: 6/8/2017



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