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Arie Meeuwissen, Taks Handling Systems:

"Packaging Technology is all about flexibility, labor saving and data"

In the world of packaging technology roughly three trends are visible. One of these trends is the focus on labor-saving packaging solutions. "The packaging of fresh produce requires many actions. Automation is pleasant, because labor is expensive. Cheaper solutions for this are more than welcome", Arie Meeuwissen of Taks Handling Systems observes. "At home and abroad you see that budgets are made available for the investment in labor-saving solutions."

Another relatively new focus of attention is the demand for data. "The buyers of fresh produce are increasingly asking for data. The data should make tracking-and-tracing possible. So always one can find out where the product comes from and what has been done with it." This demand for data is integrated in the packing lines of Taks. "Indeed nowadays everything can be equipped with encoders. Besides for customers, the data is also ideal for the managers of the packaging hall," Arie explains.

With the data controlling measures can be made in time, where it is needed. So it is possible to find out who has sorted which qualities. This information is combined with the data of the used over- and underweight per package. This data is collected at staff level. This provides valuable information. "It is used in the management of the staff. This provides more uniformity of the product. This uniformity results in a higher quality of the product. And that's what it's all about."

Flexibility of the machines is a third key objective of Taks Handling Systems. The demand for flexibility is indicated by the market. "Most companies do not pack the same product throughout the day. The changeover time of our machines is now at zero. The machine runs as it were empty. Simultaneously, the front can be filled with the new product and packaging material. Moreover, all weigh stations can be recalibrated with one touch of the button. That is what we call flexibility. "

Flexibility to Taks means, actually, that the user at all times and without conversion costs may extend or enlarge the machine. Usually a basic machine is installed which already takes the future plans of the company into account. In the next construction stage it is possible to elaborate further on the existing machine. Arie: "This is ideal. These machines are flexible and can be adapted to the changing situation of the company. The sections can be separated and can be recycled within the same company."

Taks Handling Systems has recently moved to Etten-Leur. Almost all the boxes have been unpacked. Arie puts great importance on efficient production. The 5,200 m2 of floor space is designed in such a way that no production time is lost. Arie: "Efficiency at its best." In the past two years, with Arie at the helm at Taks Handling Systems, the consequences of these trends have been translated into their products. "With our new location we are ready for the future. Last year we had a 30% growth in turnover, this year we will at least match this again. We are still looking for good people who want to join a fast growing company," Arie concludes.

For more information:
Taks Handling Systems
Munnikenheiweg 58
tel +31 (0)88 5552000

Publication date: 3/24/2017



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