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'Explore Bejo's taste' provides a special experience

At Fruit Logistica, Bejo organised a dinner event called 'Explore Bejo's taste', aimed at inspiring and connecting with its international chain partners. The culinary networking event devoted extensive attention to the possibilities posed by the open field vegetables in which Bejo operates. The approximately 100 participants enjoyed a very special experience. Particularly thanks to the cooperation of Angélique Schmeinck, one of the two female Dutch master chefs. With her trademark ‘food paintings’, she managed to inspire the audience in a unique way.

The dining event was opened with a warm welcome from Christine Jong, Area Business Manager Western Europe. She talked about the purpose of the evening, and the issues that Bejo faces as a seed improvement company. Christine: ‘Of course we take the wishes of our growers into account, they are our principal target group. But alongside yield and resistance to diseases, we also take into account the wishes of our partners further on in the chain, like the processing industry/trade, retailers and consumers.’

Attractive concepts
Marketing & Communication Advisor Daniëlle Bruin then explained the Bejo concepts Coolwrap [cabbage rolls], Kohrispy [kohlrabi snacks], Delicioni [fresh onion] and Cool carrot candy [snack carrot]. The lettuce crop, new for Bejo, was not overlooked of course! Angélique incorporated the various Bejo crops and concepts into her dishes. She also has a unique perspective on crops, which she underscored with a ‘flavour graphic’ using carrots and onions.

Food painting
The high point of the evening was the food painting. Angélique put on an extraordinary show culminating in a fantastic taste experience for the attendees. The food painting was served to the attendees in pieces. Bejo’s concepts and flavour continued to be the topic of discussion at the dinner table, therefore, the reactions were very positive! The participants were clearly given a different outlook on the processing of vegetables.

The attendees from various European countries and the US enjoyed an excellent networking evening. Chain specialist Carmen Mäder, Bejo Germany, looked back with satisfaction on a successful evening: ‘Our goal to bring various international partners from the chain, from grower to retailer, together and put them in contact with each other was achieved. Angélique Schmeinck’s exceptional contribution was much talked about.'

Click here for our photo report.

For more information:
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1749 CZ Warmenhuizen

Postbus 50
1749 ZH Warmenhuizen

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Publication date: 2/22/2017



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