New Cultilene App helps control plant balance

As propagator or grower of tomatoes, cucumbers or peppers, the objective is to get the maximum potential out of your substrate, to keep your plant balanced and minimize the use of water and pesticides. The new Cultilene Smart Root Zone Management App can help you with this. This free app helps you in every phase during propagation and production with suggestions and advice to fine tune your irrigation strategy.

Propagation phase: basic guideline with suggestions and tips
The propagation of high-quality plants for growing tomatoes, cucumbers and peppers is an art form. The new app helps Cultilene propagators to control this in detail and to optimize their strategy.

The propagation part of the Smart Root Zone Management App explains every step during propagation – from sowing and selection to grafting, pinching, transplanting and spacing – in chronological order. Cultilene gives advice for every individual phase in propagation. For example, it is important to disinfect the trays and trolleys before delivering them to the customer. And do you know that the temperature of the truck that transports the young plants is related to the crop and time of year?

Summarized, the new app contains ‘propagation basics ’, which propagators can check their strategy and where they can pick up suggestions and tips. Obviously the Cultilene specialists are willing to answer questions and to give more specific advice.

Preparation for growing: a good start is half the job
The app has the tools so that a grower can start the season properly. In the app the Cultilene substrate calculator is included. This tool – free available for the first time – helps you to create an optimal substrate lay out. It calculates for example the right slab sizes, the distance between the slabs, the volume of substrate in relation to the chosen crop and the head density.

When the substrate lay out has been calculated, the next step is to calculate the optimal dose size factor. The Dose Size Calculator is also part of the app, so you can check that your dripper system matches the chosen substrate volume and recommended dose size. Every plant should be given the right amount of water and fertilizers to suit the conditions.

Another important factor in the preparations for production is the position of the drainage slits. Also for this, the app gives guidelines. Did you know that the position of the drainage slits along with the right dose size influences the distribution of water and fertilizers in the slab? This directly influences the variation in water content and EC. The drainage slits should be made up to 24 hours after planting.

During production: stay on top of these things
During production, the Cultilene app is like a personal advisor, always available. You can work together to get optimal results. For example, there are specific guidelines in the app for water content and EC in the cube and slab. Different target levels per growing phase (Season Dynamics) and for each period of the day (Daily Dynamics).

To keep the root zone of the plant healthy, it is important to monitor the water content, EC, pH, oxygen and temperature. After all, these values are very important for a good and healthy root environment. Not for nothing, Cultilene call this “The Big Five”.

Measuring is important, but how can you make sure you are doing this in a good and standardized way? After all, you want to collect this data properly and always in the same way. For this reason, Cultilene developed special measurement protocols, which you can use to optimize your irrigation strategy. These protocols are part of the app and help you to stay in control.

Available in the App and Google Play Store
The free Cultilene Smart Root Zone Management App, is available for users of iPhone, Android and BlackBerry and can be downloaded from the App and Google Play Store from now on. In the Stores you will find the first version of an App that will grow and grow with information and tips with monthly updates.

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