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China: Jiaozhou's 4 hectares of 'milk cabbage' sells out

Despite the harvest having not yet begun, customers have been calling from all over in the hopes of placing orders. ZeLu Ecological Garden's "Milk Cabbage" has been selling like hotcakes. According to a representative at ZeLu Livestock Ltd., in 2016 from 4 hectares of land 100,000 "milk cabbages" were harvested and they are almost sold out already.

"Excuse me, is this the "milk cabbage" orders hotline? I am from YanTai, I'd like to buy 100 cases." For the last few days ZeXu Livestock Ltd., here in Qingdao, have had their phones ringing non-stop. "Milk Cabbage" has already gained renown as a delicacy and grown in popularity. An employee of ZeXu tells us that since last year, when they started growing the "milk cabbage," until this year's crop of 3 hectares, the cabbage has gained widespread approval, whether it be for quality or for texture. Buyers are still swarming like bees to the farm and calling on the phone to place orders.

An employee explained to us that the 4 hectares of "milk cabbage", all together more than 100,000 plants, are ecologically grown, safe and pollutant-free. After harvest they will tie and package them up and send them to their buyers. "Now we are almost sold out, this year sales were great! If anyone in the city wants to buy some you can go to the ZeLu Milk Bar in the south of the city." The employee added that fertilizer used to grow the cabbages was an organic mixture of dairy cow manure with milk powder added to it after fermentation. As well as regular irrigation, from planting to harvest the cabbage was also sprayed with milk six times. Moreover the cabbage has passed the agricultural ministry's 56 inspection targets, so customers can enjoy it with peace of mind. 

Publication date: 1/10/2017



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