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Javo USA adds packages for cannabis growers

The latest tool Javo has added to its online arsenal is a full section of packages to help cannabis growers get started with true horticulture automation. The pages, located at, are designed to help growers review their options in potting automation.

“Many of the legal cannabis growers are relatively new to growing on a full commercial scale,” said Javo USA’s General Manager Michel Vanderwaal. “There are so many machines, technologies and options, it can be extremely difficult to decide what works for you. It’s a real potential time-waster for growers. We wanted to help these guys cut through the hype and focus on the machines that are best suited to the cannabis industry.”

The Cannabis Technology section focuses on three main packages that will meet the needs of most cannabis growers. The packages will be pre-priced, with a relatively small number of options available. The smallest packages can handle potting and/or transplanting up to 2,400 plants per day, while the largest will max out around the 24,000 mark.

“Whatever the volume, Javo USA has a solution,” Javo USA sales rep Lorenzo Russo said. “We typically see cannabis growers using two pots sizes, so we wanted to focus on machines that could handle a variety of sizes to ensure they were compatible with all of our cannabis growers.”

The web packages allow growers to review the machines and systems to develop a basic understanding of what is available and works well for Cannabis growers. Other sections include information on soil handling and robotics lines.

“Cannabis growers understand that speed and consistency are important,” said Javo USA’s Jay Honeycutt. “But they also understand that minimizing human contact with the plant and keeping waste soil away from the plants is absolutely critical to minimizing disease, infection and pests. Most understand that automated potting is the key in this area.”

For more information:
Javo USA
1900 Cobb Int’l Blvd, Suites G & H
Kennesaw, GA 30152
Tel. 770-428-4491 / Fax 770-424-6635

Publication date: 1/4/2017



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