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Only Demeter and Bioland produce without residue

Germany: "Lamb's lettuce contains moderate amounts of crop protection"

Lamb's lettuce is healthy, tasty and perfectly suitable for a winter salad. However, according to a German study, the exquisite leaves contain more chemical residues than other vegetables. 

Lamb's lettuce is the superman of the lettuce varieties. It contains more potassium, beta-carotene, vitamin C and iron than other lettuce. "But it is also a sensitive type and to grow enough lamb's lettuce to reach our tables, it needs to be sprayed with crop protection"

The odds are stacked against lamb's lettuce in the battle with fungi and insects, especially in conventional agriculture where the delicate plants are grown close together. So farmers are trying to aid the lamb's lettuce with chemical support, and depending on the farm more or less residue remains on the leaves. 

The entire article (in German) is available here.

Publication date: 1/5/2017



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