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Netting no longer “against something” but “for something”

The fact that weather phenomena are becoming more and more extreme, the increasingly-frequent arrival of new types of insects and the change in nutritional habits (e.g. smart food) are leading to a new era in the development of agrotextiles.

Biorete 50 Mesh; peppers

If we move past the concept of nets as a form of passive defence (from hailstones, sunlight, insects, wind, birds), we can start considering nets no longer as an instrument against something or to defend something, but instead as an instrument “for” something - i.e. to create ideal growing conditions and a favourable microclimate and to reduce the use of pesticides.

Biorete 50 Mesh, Tomatoes

Plants and/or fruits become healthier and more vigorous – they no longer use their energy to “defend” themselves but instead to produce more buds and therefore more fruit with a better quality.

Fructus 5/4, Bananas

Therefore: a net for something, but not just any net.  

Iride Uva, Cherry trees

A net that has been subjected to challenging lab tests, which has improved its characteristics to adapt to the needs of the crop it must defend. A net which has “studied” and taken part in numerous research projects.

Fructus 5/4, Table grapes

Tests, studies and research projects represent an added value, according to Arrigoni.

Biorete 50 Mesh, Salad

In Israel, this motto materialized with large netted protective structures that “cage” various crops (tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers and salad with Biorete 50 Mesh; cherries, grapes, pears, citrus fruit and bananas with Fructus 5/4 or Iride Uva).

The effects? Climatic and biological control. The results: improved vigour and “healthiness”, increased fructification and, most of all, a better quality.  

Paolo Arrigoni, managing director of Arrigoni SpA

For more information:
Arrigoni SpA
Via Monte Prato 3
22029 Uggiate Trevano (CO)
Tel.: (+39) 031803200
Fax: (+39) 031803206

Publication date: 5/4/2016



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