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"Vegetables taste and color are preserved"

UK: Nim's launches dried vegetable chips

Nimisha Raja recently introduced a new line of air-dried vegetable chips. This snack is 100% natural and also tastes like the original vegetables. Nim's is the only brand in the UK that produces and markets these chips. The company presented its new products at the Tavola event and plans to reach several European countries. Nim's introduced fruit chips in 2011, which are available in six different flavors. "We came up with the idea to offer dried fruit because healthy and tasty snacks were hard to find. We wanted to introduce a crispy and tasty version, unlike the sticky and tough variants that were already on the market."

Three flavors
"In the UK we are the first to launch this new vegetable chips line in the variants tomato-cucumber, pepper-zucchini and beets-parsnip. With this latest innovation we are focusing on the health-conscious consumer. Owner Nimisha Raja: “It's good to offer savory products besides sweet ones. We primarily focus on retail but our products are also interesting for offices and schools. We can also meet the specific product and packaging requirements of each client. We expect to further expand the vegetable chips product line in the coming year."

Nutritional value
Nim's factory is located in Kent and the vegetables are bought as much as possible from local growers. Last October Nim's Fruit Crisps moved its production to a new dry air plant, which is unique in the UK. The drying process preserves the nutritional value, taste and color of the fresh vegetables as much as possible and keeps the product crisp, too. Nims has previously already received awards for her apple, orange and pineapple chips.

Tavola - positive reactions
At the Tavola, Nim's products were well-received. "We received positive reactions for both the fruit and vegetable chips from supermarkets as well as distributors and smaller stores. We now have agreements for distribution in Belgium and are also talking with retailers and food service companies from France, Belgium, Luxembourg, Germany and the Netherlands. I noticed that there are a lot of innovative companies in Belgium. For example, I got a request from a gin manufacturer to supply orange chips. A cheese salesman and ice maker were also interested in our products. So very positive!"

For more information:
Nim's Fruit Ltd

Publication date: 4/13/2016



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