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Blog by GGS Structures on Open Roof Greenhouse design:

How to eliminate condensation drip?

Many growers are concerned about maximizing greenhouse ventilation. In some maximum ventilation designs, condensation control is sacrificed and dripping becomes an issue. This was the case for Hendriks Greenhouses, until they approached GGS Structures Inc., to help solve the problem. Hendriks Greenhouses, located in Beamsville Ontario, wanted a design that balanced both ventilation and condensation control, and GGS responded with the Open Roof Greenhouse design.

“Working with GGS over the years with the gutter vented greenhouse, we knew it was possible to work with them and get a nice dry (open roof) house as well,” said Craig Barlow, Operations Manager at Hendriks Greenhouses.

GGS created the open roof design in response to grower’s increasing concerns about ventilation with drip control. “The GGS open roof greenhouse design provides an optimal system to both maximize ventilation while maintaining a smooth surface on the poly and good roof pitch for condensation control,” said Michael Camplin, Sales Manager at GGS.

“This design ultimately results in exceptional condensation control. Additionally, we built a 4” inch gutter inside the greenhouse to collect any condensation that could potentially come through the ridge.”

For Hendriks Greenhouses, the finished product provided a vast improvement to their growing operation. Not only does the house stay dry, the open roof greenhouse keeps their crops 5-7 degrees Fahrenheit cooler than a gutter vented design.

This structure also has other features to ensure the longevity of the greenhouse. The gable ends include venting, and are made of long-lasting acrylic. Also built into this new greenhouse is an in-floor heating system, where the concrete floor is used as a radiant surface to deliver heat directly to the plants and irrigation water.

For more information: 
GGS Structures 

Publication date: 4/25/2013





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