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24 hectare grower Yiğit GreenhouseCo.:

Turkey: "Strong roots are equal to better quality and higher yields"

Turkish greenhouse grower Yiğit Greenhouse Co. cultivates tomatoes and cucumbers on an impressive acreage of 24 hectares. The company, which is located about 180 kilometres from Turkey’s capital Ankara, was founded in 2011 with the realization of the first 10 hectares. The owner and coordinator of the project, Mr. Hamit Yiğit, realized that the greenhouse was filling a gap in the Turkish market and expanded the acreage to 24 hectares. Another expansion is on the agenda.

Yiğit Greenhouse Co. is an outstanding operation; they use modern, advanced technology in their greenhouse production. The firm shifted to summer production in the 2014 - 2015 season. After observing production figures of previous years, crop consultant Dr.Murat  Çiçekli and General Director Mr. Özer hayan made a decision to start using cocopeat slabs by Riococo Benimplast. 

Dr. Çiçekli consulting inside the greenhouse

Dr. Çiçekli underlined the importance of a premium substrate. "As you know, a strong root structure is accompanied with strong plants. In return, strong plants lead to quality products and better yields.”

According to Cicekli.the Riococo slabs will ensure a strong root structure. The slabs offer high water holding capacity and aeration rates. This contributes to healthy and fine root development and a homogenous distribution of roots."

Cicekli estimates that his decision to grow on Riococo slabs will increase the tomato yield from 34.6 kg/m2 to 57 kg/m2 in summer.” 

Yiğit Greenhouse Co. supplies the local market and also exports to countries like the Netherlands, Russia and England under the brands of “ Yiğit ” and “ Agrolife “. Their brands are secured with quality certification like Globalgap and ITU.

Riococo Benimplast visits Yiğit Greenhouse Co.

Remarkable fact is that the produce grown by Yiğit Greenhouse Co. are frequently used in the menu of Turkish Airlines. But also by running a large biological control campaign, Yiğit Greenhouse Co. will sustain its investments and continue to expand its product range in the upcoming years as well. 

For more information:

Benimtex / Benimplast
Mustafa Sert

Direct contact with Riococo:

Shan Halamba

Publication date: 10/2/2014
Author: Boy de Nijs



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