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Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Wolfgang Steiner:

Germany: "Acreage Strabena tomato doubled "

Through the use of geothermal energy, vegetable producer Steiner has been distinguishing itself for several years via sustainable production, high product quality and exclusive supply to the regional Rewe branches. Despite the excellent position on the market, continuous development is the main focus of the.....

Control plant growth with acoustically amplified light

The grower who wants more light in his greenhouse may now think about hanging extra lamps or allowing as much sunlight transmittance as possible. Yet it could just be that the same grower will soon opt for hanging the ParXtra-booster. This device, launched during the opening of the World Horti Center on 7.....

Demo afternoon RIjk Zwaan cultivation under light

Powerful varieties perform well under hybrid lighting

The Rijk Zwaan Trial Center Tomato in Kwintsheul has expanded with 3,500 m2 of tomato cultivation under light. Varieties are tested under light in this department. There are 146 umol Son-T top lights above the crops and 75 umol LED inter lights between the crops. The demo afternoon took place on Thursday.....

CAN (ON): LumiGrow adds Lighting Plus Wholesale to partner network

LumiGrow Inc., a smart horticultural lighting company, has signed a partnership agreement with Lighting Plus Wholesale, an energy auditing, lighting and HVAC solutions provider located in Amherstburg, Ontario, Canada. This new partnership reinforces LumiGrow's commitment to expanding their services and local.....

Turkish governor meets with greenhouse growers

The governor of Diyarbakir Hasan Guzeloglu visited greenhouses and met with the greenhouse growers in Diyarbakir. Guzeloglu: “There are 33 greenhouses in Diyarbakir. We are looking to increase the number of the greenhouses in our city and create a major source of revenue stream for our people.“The governor.....

How much is accurate Yield Forecasting worth to SunSelect?

Yield forecasting systems are one of the hot items of 2018. The year only is 3 months old and so far we've seen quite a few companies sharing their knowledge and products on this subject. One of them is Motorleaf. TheirYield Prediction System is based on a self-learning algorithm, custom-made for a.....

China: First session of tomato forum about to convene

The first session of China's fruit tomato forum and the 2018 Tomato Talk TM news conference will convene in Wuxing in Huzhou, Zhejiang, from March 23-24, 2018.Fruit tomatoFruit tomato plantationThis conference will be held in the New Century Grand Hotel in Dongwu, Huzhou. It is intended to encourage China's.....

Van Iperen International opens Miami subsidiary

Van Iperen International is proud to announce the opening of our new subsidiary Van Iperen America located in Miami, Florida. "With this new office and team, we are convinced that having our feet on the ground will strengthen our partnerships in America."Richard Morris is International Sales Manager for this.....

Who will create the first self-cultivating greenhouse?

Wageningen University & Research organises an international challenge to boost vegetable production using artificial intelligence and autonomous greenhouses. The challenge is sponsored by Tencent, a leading provider of internet services in China and David Wallerstein, Chief eXploration Officer (CXO) of.....

Cryptocurrency mining heat generation to be incorporated with greenhouses

Miami-based United American Corp and its subsidiary Blockchain Data Centers Inc. announced today that further to the announcement of the BlockchainDome program in January of this year, UnitedCorp will incorporate a greenhouse heat generation station into its first BlockchainDome currently under construction.....

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US: Energy consumption in agriculture increased in 2016

In 2016, the agricultural sector consumed 1,872 trillion Btu of energy, accounting for about 1.9 percent of total U.S. primary energy consumption.Farms consume energy in many forms, mainly diesel (44 percent of direct energy consumption), electricity (24 percent), natural gas (13 percent), gasoline (11.....

Fertilizersmore »

PHL-Australia project explores soil management to increase vegetable production

Vegetable productivity in most parts of the southern Philippines is hampered by low nutrient availability in the soil. Over-application of mineral fertilizers and unbalanced nutrients are also major concerns in vegetable production. These fertilizer-use practices take a large share of the total cost of.....

Breedingmore »

Italy: Three new basil varieties

L'Ortolano is introducing three new basil varieties. Sales manager Andrea Pantani explains that "Sprinter (Sat 1794) is of the Genovese Classico type, medium compact, early and suitable for early sowing and periods with low light as well. The stretched leaves, quick re-growth and good resistance to bolting.....

Machinesmore »

Final exam for crane operators

The training to become a crane operator isn't what it used to be. A video by recruitment company Van Laere shows a student crane operator preparing a hot dog. Not with his hands, but with a crane. Kudos to the crane operator, he passed with flying colours.Source: LinkedIn Van Laere

Product Infomore »

Kemin Crop Technologies launches Valena

A new soil amendment to prime soil for optimal plant growth

Kemin Crop Technologies, an initiative of Kemin Industries focused on providing solutions for commercial horticulture, launched a new product, Valena, a soil amendment sourced from a proprietary strain of Euglena gracilis (algae) rich in beta-glucan. Valena is designed to support the growth of healthy and.....

Packagingmore »

Beet company launches resealable packaging and doubles shelf-life

Love Beets, the brand of all natural, ready-to-eat beet products, has relaunched their line of marinated baby beets and other beet items with double the shelf-life and new resealable packaging, making their products even more convenient and appealing to retailers and consumers alike.Effective March 12, 2018,.....

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Grown in Canada, US & Mexico

Gourmet Green Tomatoes to become more popular for chefs

When you think of green tomatoes, does your mind automatically picture them fried (just like in the movie) but they have lots of other uses and aren't just grown in the US. How about pickled, in a salsa, salad or frittata? Nobody said that tomato pasta sauce always had to be red either.Gourmet green tomatoes.....

Substratesmore »

CNC Grondstoffen

King Willem-Alexander opens new compost factory for mushroom substrates

The Dutch monarch Willem-Alexander will perform the ceremonial opening of CNC Grondstoffen’s new Indoor Fresh Compost facility on April 13, 2018 in Milsbeek, North-Limburg."Indoor Fresh Compost is a high-quality and environmentally friendly ingredient for mature compost. By the end of 2017 all 32 tunnels of.....

Organicmore »

Indonesian organic farming: reducing dependence on imported pesticides and fertilizers

Using materials available in their surroundings, several farmers in the Nanga Tayap district of West Kalimantan have intensively carried out organic farming over the last two years. This was part of their strategy to reduce their dependence on imported products, such as chemical-based fertilizers and.....

Coolingmore »

North-east India: Farm-side cold storages for vegetables

As a large proportion of produce is damaged every year because of the short shelf life of vegetables or fruits, growers are often forced to opt for distress sales. Now, the Indian Agriculture Department has come up with a scheme to increase this shelf life by setting up portable cold storage facilities near.....

Food Safetymore »

Russia: Infected bell peppers from Morocco intercepted in Saint Petersburg

Over 11 tons of infected bell peppers arrived in the port of Saint Petersburg from Morocco, reported the press service of Federal Service for Veterinary and Phytosanitary Surveillance for Saint Petersburg, Leningrand and Pskov regions.“In order to prevent the possible spread of the quarantine objects on the.....

Healthmore »

Japanese chef turns artist

A healthy look at art

Japanese chef Takehiro Kishimoto see fruits and vegetables as his canvas.A knife is his paintbrush.On his extremely popular Instagram account, Kishimoto carves everything from radishes to avocados. Take a look.

Eventsmore »

Kitchen Garden:

A celebration of flavourful tomatoes at The Royal Botanic Garden Sydney

February and March are the months for sun-warmed tomatoes, rather than the oft bragged about ripe tomatoes by Christmas - they have no flavour. The Royal Botanic Garden Sydney holds an annual Tomato Festival in mid-February. I visited the gardens three days before the event and met a fellow pruning trees.....

Photo report: First edition HortEx Vietnam

PHOTO REPORT More than 110 exhibitors gathered last week in Ho Chi Minh City to take part in the first edition of the HortEx Vietnam. The level of visitors and the business opportunities in Vietnam and surrounding countries pleased the participants and the dates for the 2019 edition have been set already. But first:.....

Retailmore »

Value-added salad company relaunches chopped salad kits

Fresh Express announced this week the relaunch of its Chopped Kit offerings in new packaging which highlight the leafy greens, as well as an increased quantity of reformulated dressings and toppings with better ingredients for a new overall eating experience for consumers. The brand made these changes after.....

Vertical farmingmore »

Top 5 Advantages of Container Farming

The allure of container farming has introduced many new farmers to indoor agriculture. The portability and low fixed costs have expanded the possibilities for grow sites for many people. Industry players estimate that there are between 250 and 300 branded container farms in the world, with likely as many.....

Medicinal productionmore »

US: Indoor Harvest forms scientific advisory board

Indoor Harvest, a developer of personalized cannabis medicines and a provider of advanced cultivation methods and processes, announced the initial members of the company's newly formed scientific advisory board, which will assist management in the development of its business plans in the cannabis industry."I.....


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