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Friday, March 23, 2018

Canada: Dutch greenhouse family continues to expand

In 1996, Paul Moerman emigrated from Holland to Canada with his parents, who saw better opportunities there for the greenhouse industry. For Paul as a kid, it was a big change moving to a new country, but the people in Canada, were very accepting, making it an easy transition. Now, the Moerman family.....

180,000 square foot

BrightFarms to invest up to 17 million in Texas greenhouse

BrightFarms has selected Abilene as the site of its first hydroponic greenhouse farm in Texas. Construction is slated to begin this summer, and shoppers will find their greens and herbs in area grocery stores by early 2019.The company will receive approximately 21 acres in Access Business Park in Texas,.....

Oxygen concentration in irrigation water: an underestimated factor in plant growth

Water management in the horticultural greenhouse sector: a high tech aspect within the breeding process in which every factor is controlled and adjusted: the pH value, the number of algae, fungi, diseases etc. A factor which is at least as important is often forgotten: oxygen.Biological importance of.....

Logo Plantise revealed

Plant nursery Leo Ammerlaan celebrates 50th anniversary

Dutch plant nursery Leo Ammerlaan celebrated its 50-year anniversary last week in great fashion. During the celebration, the new Plantise logo has also been presented. Under this logo the company, formed after the merger of three well-known Dutch nurseries, will enter the market.PlantiseThe merger plans of.....

Papenburger pepper starting this season

Germany: Gartenbauzentrale Papenburg expanding with trial variety

The season of local greenhouse vegetables has definitely begun. Gartenbauzentrale eG is also gradually beginning to harvest its products, placing them on the market. From this year, it is not only tomatoes and (mini) cucumbers that are produced in the Lower Saxony greenhouse, but peppers as well. After the.....

Hydroponic greenhouse for organic ginger production

"The export price of fresh ginger in March of this year has increased around 30%-40% in comparison with the same period last year. This development is mainly because of fluctuations in the exchange rate, as well as speculative behaviour of buyers in the market. New ginger is still in the stage of sowing.....

"Growth hormones from bacteria boost root formation"

In February, Hansebac and Hansespor were approved for organic cultivation and added to the Dutch Input list that is available online. These two products are essential for the Biopol Natural Fytopro system.Hansebac contains the very active strain of Bacillus subtilis and other useful bacteria that secrete.....

Video: Kazakh delegation visits Ultra Clima greenhouse

VIDEO A group of Kazakh agrarians recently visited the Netherlands. The delegation visited the Ultra Clima greenhouse in Dinteloord as well. A video of the visit appeared on the Kazakh television last week. According to the Kazakh participants, the country has great potential. "Kazakhstan occupies a good strategic.....

2018 Fruit and Vegetable trends:

Tomatoes most popular vegetable - bananas most-loved fruit

Dutch IT company, Roamler, has conducted a survey regarding fruit and vegetable trends in 2018. The results: consumers seem to have resolved to eat more fruit and vegetables in the Spring, rather than at New Year. Forty percent of the respondents buy their fruit and vegetables every other day; 47% do so once.....

Eurobrain: joint venture to combine smart software and laboursaving hardware

Eurotec and IT Partner are offering a new, all-encompassing solution for the AGV (Automatically Guided Vehicle) market by founding joint venture Eurobrain. Thanks to their collaboration, the Lowpad – an ultra-low AGV introduced by Eurotec (subsidiary of Eurogroep) last November – is now even better equipped.....

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A closer look at the Sabatier process

In the future, you'll turn your CO2 into energy

Greenhouse crops need light, water, and plenty of energy. The former two are abundantly available in nature, but energy can be a bit trickier to come by. In recent years, the industry has taken great strides, with innovations including CHPs and biomass boilers. Another technique that may soon be added to the.....

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Magnesium deficiency of hydroponic and container grown basil

Basil (Ocimum basilicum) is the most commonly grown greenhouse herb crop. Basil is sensitive to magnesium deficiency. Visual symptoms of magnesium deficiency appear first on old and recently mature leaves as a slight interveinal chlorosis (yellowing). This article will cover the progression of visual.....

Breedingmore »

Monsanto and Pairwise collaborate to accelerate gene editing innovation

Monsanto and Pairwise, an agricultural startup, have announced a collaboration to advance agriculture research and development by leveraging gene-editing technology. Under the agreement, Pairwise will work in corn, soybeans, wheat, cotton and canola crops exclusively with Monsanto.Under the companies’.....

Machinesmore »

Eurobrain: joint venture to combine smart software and laboursaving hardware

Eurotec and IT Partner are offering a new, all-encompassing solution for the AGV (Automatically Guided Vehicle) market by founding joint venture Eurobrain. Thanks to their collaboration, the Lowpad – an ultra-low AGV introduced by Eurotec (subsidiary of Eurogroep) last November – is now even better equipped.....

Product Infomore »

US: New Caulifornia Riced Vegetable side dish now available in Illinois

Gold Coast Packing has released its new side dish line. Cauliflower is leading the way to better health and inspiring us to cook with creativity. Its unique texture and ability to absorb flavors prove its claim as being the most versatile vegetable. Caulifornia Riced Vegetable Sides offers 100% riced.....

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Viva Fresh Expo

Veggie packaging nominated for Innovation Awards finalists

The Viva Fresh Expo, hosted by the Texas International Produce Association (TIPA), announces the category finalists for the first annual Gateway to Innovation Awards. The purpose of these awards is to further expand on what is happening in the Tex-Mex produce corridor, and recognize this region’s excellence.....

Marketingmore »

Netherlands: The Greenery opens vegetable season

On Wednesday 14 March 2018, The Greenery opened its vegetable season. During the kick-off, The Greenery’s vegetable growers presented their products to customers and relations.Every year, The Greenery organises the kick-off of the Dutch vegetable season. This year, the opening took place at the location of.....

Substratesmore »

CNC Grondstoffen

King Willem-Alexander opens new compost factory for mushroom substrates

The Dutch monarch Willem-Alexander will perform the ceremonial opening of CNC Grondstoffen’s new Indoor Fresh Compost facility on April 13, 2018 in Milsbeek, North-Limburg."Indoor Fresh Compost is a high-quality and environmentally friendly ingredient for mature compost. By the end of 2017 all 32 tunnels of.....

Organicmore »

Indonesian organic farming: reducing dependence on imported pesticides and fertilizers

Using materials available in their surroundings, several farmers in the Nanga Tayap district of West Kalimantan have intensively carried out organic farming over the last two years. This was part of their strategy to reduce their dependence on imported products, such as chemical-based fertilizers and.....

Coolingmore »

North-east India: Farm-side cold storages for vegetables

As a large proportion of produce is damaged every year because of the short shelf life of vegetables or fruits, growers are often forced to opt for distress sales. Now, the Indian Agriculture Department has come up with a scheme to increase this shelf life by setting up portable cold storage facilities near.....

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Germany: "Zucchinis and aubergines largely without pesticide residues"

Ten samples of aubergines and ten samples of zucchinis have been tested for residues at the State Office for Agriculture, Food Safety and Fisheries (LALLF) in Rostock. They mainly originated from Germany, the Netherlands and Spain. The vegetable samples taken from commercial enterprises were analyzed,.....

Healthmore »

Japanese chef turns artist

A healthy look at art

Japanese chef Takehiro Kishimoto see fruits and vegetables as his canvas.A knife is his paintbrush.On his extremely popular Instagram account, Kishimoto carves everything from radishes to avocados. Take a look.

Eventsmore »

June 4-8, Pune

India: 3rd Greenhouse & Hydroponic Technical Management Course

Delish Veggies, Graeme Smith Consulting and Future Farms have announced the 3rd Greenhouse and Hydroponic Training Program in Pune, India, after their two training courses in 2017.The course will again be conducted by two highly experienced Australian industry presenters – Graeme Smith and Rick Donnan......

Retailmore »

US: Walmart files patent for 'pollination drone'

Earlier this month, Walmart filed a patent for a “Pollination Drone” that would be capable of pollinating flowers and crops the same way a bee would. The drone would be fitted with cameras and sensors to identify pollen in one flower before taking it to another.The robo-bees would also have “sticky bristles”.....

Vertical farmingmore »

Vegetables grown successfully in the International Space Station

Space missions will increasingly become longer, so in the future, the crew members will need to grow their own food, and in order to achieve this, it is necessary to understand how plants respond to microgravity.With this in mind, NASA's Veg-03 mission aims to check the functioning of a planting hardware.....

Medicinal productionmore »

US (CA): Marapharm to expedite greenhouse cultivation facility

Marapharm will expedite the construction of its California greenhouse facility. The company’s goal is to accelerate its ability to supply cannabis flower and ancillary products to its dispensary, which has exceeded revenue projections since February 13th, 2018. Current vendor supply has been established and.....


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