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Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Increasing quality and quantity of food in Rwanda

By 2016, Rwanda coped with a serious potato seeds scarcity problem due to poor yields and a demographic growth. Farmers were using potato seeds coming from different sources or even old seeds left over from previous seasons which would not give enough yields. By the end of 2016, Horizon Sopyrwa, Rwanda’s.....

under condition of selling Nunhems

EC approves Bayer’s proposed acquisition of Monsanto

On Wednesday, the European Commission conditionally approved Bayer’s proposed acquisition of Monsanto. The conditions cover in particular the divestment of certain Bayer businesses, including the greenhouse vegetable breeding department Nunhems. The European Commission was set to announce whether it approves.....

Husagro BVBA expands

Belgium: "We said goodbye to the coeur de boeuf"

After an earlier expansion of 1.2 hectares in 2010, construction started at the Belgian Langemark again two weeks ago. This time Havecon is working on a 3.4 hectare greenhouse for the cultivation of vine tomatoes. The concrete has been poured and despite somewhat swampy conditions the greenhouse should be.....

Italy: cultivating truffles in the greenhouse

"Covering two hectares, we are the first nursery in Sicily to produce mycorrhized plants for truffle cultivation. Our passion led to us acquiring considerable experience in the field," explain Giovanni Merlo and Destrino Giuseppe Papia.Giovanni Merlo and Destrino Giuseppe Papia"We invest a lot on research.....

New cooperation in Chinese substrate business

Substrate company Xiamen Jiang Ping Biological Substrate Technology Limited by Share Ltd. and the management advise agency for growing medium and horticulture directed by engineer in horticulture Thomas Zeitheim agreed last week for a long-term cooperation.Jiang Ping Biological Substrate in Xiamen, founded.....

Focus on blackberries, raspberries and new production areas

Photo report Global Berry Congress

PHOTO REPORT The soft fruit category's figures have been in the green for years. Consumption keeps increasing, partially due to the relative newcomers such as raspberries and blackberries. Globally, more attention is being paid to these soft fruits. This is due to increased consumption and higher production or a.....

strengthened technical support and service set-up in Asia and Latin America

Ellepot steps up global service

Nursery growers in Asia and Latin America can look forward to a continued fast and reliable service from environment-friendly plug systems and consumables supplier, Ellepot. The company has opened two new service centers in those regions, providing customers with on-site installation, training, service and.....

John Walters joins Ridder HortiMaX North America as sales manager

John Walters has an extensive background in Domestic and International Business with a focus on Hydroponics, Horticulture and Agriculture. With that he has a prestigious 40-year history of establishing and building companies within these fields. As President of Svensson Americas and Lock Drives Inc, these.....

Only 9% of greenhouse acreage worldwide is covered with glass

For businesses supplying greenhouse vegetable producers, an important question often asked relates to the types of structures being constructed. Glass, polycarbonate, polyethylene, tunnels, etc. While for many countries this breakdown in structure types is not published, some data is available. In countries.....

"HortEx Vietnam expected to double in size for next edition"

PHOTO REPORT According to the organisation teams the launch of HortEx Vietnam, which took place from 14-16 March 2018 in the Saigon Exhibition & Convention Center (SECC) in HCMC, has been a great success and participants were very pleased with the quality and quantity of the visitors.In total more than 110 companies.....

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Fruit Logistica 2018, Berlin

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US: Energy consumption in agriculture increased in 2016

In 2016, the agricultural sector consumed 1,872 trillion Btu of energy, accounting for about 1.9 percent of total U.S. primary energy consumption.Farms consume energy in many forms, mainly diesel (44 percent of direct energy consumption), electricity (24 percent), natural gas (13 percent), gasoline (11.....

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PHL-Australia project explores soil management to increase vegetable production

Vegetable productivity in most parts of the southern Philippines is hampered by low nutrient availability in the soil. Over-application of mineral fertilizers and unbalanced nutrients are also major concerns in vegetable production. These fertilizer-use practices take a large share of the total cost of.....

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Salutamu rootstocks for aubergine crops

Aubergine crops are subject to attacks by soil parasites: wilt fungi and nematodes often cause mortality during the growing cycle, especially when the crop follows another aubergine or solanacea crop."La Perla del Sud" found a solution to the problem using the Salutamu rootstock, which is its ownSolanum.....

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strengthened technical support and service set-up in Asia and Latin America

Ellepot steps up global service

Nursery growers in Asia and Latin America can look forward to a continued fast and reliable service from environment-friendly plug systems and consumables supplier, Ellepot. The company has opened two new service centers in those regions, providing customers with on-site installation, training, service and.....

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Fresh Grocer: Purple artichokes

The Fresh Grocer gives his take on purple artichokes

Packagingmore »

Weinand van Kesteren, Verpakkings Industrie Veenendaal:

“More environmental gains in waste reduction than in biodegradable packaging”

The arrival of spring means Verpakkings Industrie Veenendaal (VIV) has started packing Dutch tomatoes and bell peppers again. “We’ve supplied fruit and vegetable packaging for years, but we’ve seen an obvious trend from blank film to printed packaging,” says manager Weinand van Kesteren.VIV in Veenendaal,.....

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Vincent Callebaut Architectures

Greenery-covered tower bears fruit and vegetables

Vincent Callebaut Architectures recently unveiled a new conceptual mixed-use tower named Arboricole. Envisioned for Angers, France, the project features Callebaut's usual blend of greenery and high-tech sustainable technology, and could produce fruit and vegetables for its residents to pick.Arboricole would.....

Substratesmore »

CNC Grondstoffen

King Willem-Alexander opens new compost factory for mushroom substrates

The Dutch monarch Willem-Alexander will perform the ceremonial opening of CNC Grondstoffen’s new Indoor Fresh Compost facility on April 13, 2018 in Milsbeek, North-Limburg."Indoor Fresh Compost is a high-quality and environmentally friendly ingredient for mature compost. By the end of 2017 all 32 tunnels of.....

Organicmore »

Indonesian organic farming: reducing dependence on imported pesticides and fertilizers

Using materials available in their surroundings, several farmers in the Nanga Tayap district of West Kalimantan have intensively carried out organic farming over the last two years. This was part of their strategy to reduce their dependence on imported products, such as chemical-based fertilizers and.....

Coolingmore »

North-east India: Farm-side cold storages for vegetables

As a large proportion of produce is damaged every year because of the short shelf life of vegetables or fruits, growers are often forced to opt for distress sales. Now, the Indian Agriculture Department has come up with a scheme to increase this shelf life by setting up portable cold storage facilities near.....

Food Safetymore »

Russia: Infected bell peppers from Morocco intercepted in Saint Petersburg

Over 11 tons of infected bell peppers arrived in the port of Saint Petersburg from Morocco, reported the press service of Federal Service for Veterinary and Phytosanitary Surveillance for Saint Petersburg, Leningrand and Pskov regions.“In order to prevent the possible spread of the quarantine objects on the.....

Healthmore »

Japanese chef turns artist

A healthy look at art

Japanese chef Takehiro Kishimoto see fruits and vegetables as his canvas.A knife is his paintbrush.On his extremely popular Instagram account, Kishimoto carves everything from radishes to avocados. Take a look.

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First day of PMA China reflects fast growing fresh produce market in China

Today Shenzhen was the scene of the sixth PMA Fresh Connections: China. It was the first time the conference has been held in this city in South China.The day was filled with a combination of Chinese and international speakers from across the industry covering a wide range of topics that reflected on the.....

Retailmore »

US: Walmart files patent for 'pollination drone'

Earlier this month, Walmart filed a patent for a “Pollination Drone” that would be capable of pollinating flowers and crops the same way a bee would. The drone would be fitted with cameras and sensors to identify pollen in one flower before taking it to another.The robo-bees would also have “sticky bristles”.....

Vertical farmingmore »

Top 5 Advantages of Container Farming

The allure of container farming has introduced many new farmers to indoor agriculture. The portability and low fixed costs have expanded the possibilities for grow sites for many people. Industry players estimate that there are between 250 and 300 branded container farms in the world, with likely as many.....

Medicinal productionmore »

Producing cannabis for medical use

Bankrupt Danish nursery turning into Spectrum Cannabis

The 40,000 m2 greenhouse of former Danish nursery Naeldebakken is currently being turned into a production location of cannabis for medicinal use by Spectrum Cannabis Denmark ApS. This company is a joint venture between one of the largest cannabis companies in the world, Canopy Growth, and a European hemp.....


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